Taxi prebooking

Bongo Taxi offers you a very convenient service – taxi booking! The advantage of booking a taxi has proved its worth many times, because if your time is precious and you can plan your trips in advance, it is much more convenient to book a taxi in advance at a specific time and the taxi will reach your desired starting point on time.

For those who need to arrive on time, who are used to plan everything and appreciate their nerves and time, the advantages of taxi pre-booking are undeniable. You are always sure that you will appear at work or at an important event at the appointed time, and your children will not be late for school. You will have time to catch a plane or a train – a taxi «Bongo Takso» will take you to the airport or railway station exactly by the estimated time.

Dear customers, temporary taxi ordering is available at least 1 hour before your trip and maximum – 24 hours. Remember that the delivery of the car will be at the time, specified by you, so carefully get your timing, take into account the distances by moving and possible delays in the journey. NB! It is not possible to book a trip from the airport, ports, bus station and train station. There order a taxi on arrival.

Please book our taxi in advance for the duration of your trip. Our mobile app «Bongo Takso» will help you make an order, even if you are still on the way.

To book a taxi, please fill in the form below, call 15157, +372 66 15157 or +372 53 44 1111 or make a reservation conveniently in our mobile application.

Dear clients!
In the event of a force majeure situation that cannot be predicted, Bongo Takso is not ready to guarantee 100% timely delivery of the car. Please treat this with understanding.

Please note that the following email domains will unfortunately be blocked by Estonian web servers, so we will not be able to receive Your request: mail.ru, list.ru, bk.ru.